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If you are passionate about your client's success in reaching their health and wellness goals? 
The Myrna Method provides a clinically supported nutrition program you can be proud to collaborate with. 
The Myrna Method nutrition program allows the trainer to motivate and
coach their clients, while we provide the nutrition program for your client's optimum success.

This is like having your own nutrition program with a Registered Dietitian on staff, we provide all the tools for your client to be successful.  The Myna Method teaches your cleints the benefits of a macronutreint diet that is not based on the current fads, but proven  science.

All The Tools You Need To Build
A Successful Wellness program 

When you are a Myrna Method partner we value your clients as much as you do! 
We are a comprehensive nutrition program that guides your clients with an eating plan that promotes their healthiest and leanest weight, your clients learn good nutrition is a lifestyle, not a diet.  We will provide all the support but also welcome trainers utilizing our nutrition tools to help clients if they choose.  It is nice to have a credentialed nutrition program to do what you do best in coaching and motivating your clients to succeed!

 As a licensed dietitain I take the liability
so you don't have to. 

 Trainers risk medical liability everytime they design a diet plan,  yet the right diet  plan is critical to a client's success and why working together can be great for your client while  providing no legal risk to you.

 We provide meals, recipes, live streams and nutrition videos,  Giving you more time to coach and motivate your clients on eating right, and let the RD worry about making sure your client has the most nutritious and safest plan.

let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best  

There is no risk, you earn income  and your
client gets a discount once you are
a Myrna Method  partner 


Eating Healthy does not mean
you are eating Balanced!

In the Myrna Method “Balance- is how we refer to dietary chemical homeostasis from eating a correct ratio
of macronutrients.
 Foods that are not balanced deregulate the appetite, which makes us eat more of the wrong foods. This imbalance is the root cause of weight gain, inflammation, and increased risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A balanced food plan is how the body regulates the appetite and metabolism. The results are no food
cravings and you eat less, which means you lose weight without dieting or food deprivation. 

The Myrna Method Balance web-app 

Making small adjustments to foods you normally eat can create a dietary balance that regulates the appetite and metabolism.
Myrna’s methodology is teaching you the real story behind foods and how to fix deregulation. Members can visualize meals via our Meal Balancing web-app


The Myrna Method 

 Members also have access to ourdowloadable meal plans, cook book and shopping lists. As well as acess to any group Live classes with Myrna  and any live classes with our food Coach Karin





 It is an eating approach that shows you the science behind eating.  Diets include lists of foods to eat and not eat, we teach you the science of how to eat.   

The right combination and timing of food creates homeostasis (dietary balance) 
that regulates the appetite and metabolism.

 The lifestyle program keeps you informed, engaged, and focused on your goals.

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Doctors choose the highest clinical care for their patients. Hear from Dr. Mattice about his experience with the Myrna Method