I help people live their lives at their leanest and healthiest weight through my dietary meal formulas that regulate the appetite and metabolism  


I teach you how to time and combine foods through a dietary process that regulates your appetite and metabolism, you eat less,  and your preference for certain foods change.   When the desire for food is gone,  the weight stays off permanently



Myrna Method Lean Life Nutrition Course


Most Popular

  • 4 - weekly 90-minute LIVE coaching sessions with Myrna 
  • Limited to only 15 students per class
  • 3+ hours of educational nutrition videos 
  • Learn how to Implement  revolutionary weight loss formulas in meals
  • Learn how to eliminate food cravings 
  • Learn how to Improve energy and laboratory values 
  • Learn how to decrease inflammation and chronic symptoms  
  • Live Q&A

What can you expect from
Myrna Method services

Myrna's philosophy is about teaching the right nutrition information, which includes an easy strategy that makes a significant impact on health, happiness, and longevity. 

All of Myrna's services follow a methodology with the ultimate goal of impacting your life through nutrition and exercise in the most optimistic way.


Know the science 

Myrna teaches the science on why and how nutrition work.  

 Implement Techniques 

Myrna Method meal and exercise formulas put knowledge into action.  

 Individual Approach 

Myrna Method services are about engaging the science and tools into a personalized approach that achieves your goals.


"I can still eat my favorite foods, as long as I balance them."


"I never thought I would maintain my college weight  effortlessly"


"I lost 65lbs and for 15 years have not gained it back, because I know the Myrna Method."